Excellent study from the British Medical Journal about the benefits of coffee. Great article, unless you decide to read it all. The results are summarized from AARP—CTRL-121517-P1-2628134&ET_CID=2628134&ET_RID=1812383&mi_u=1812383&mi_ecmp=20171215_DailyBulletin_Control_247401_320001&encparam=T1xYyJur3TtcxT4DBw5URHWYc9PIunjdfCYhokaPwtI=

Aspirin: More than a wonder drug?

Huge study from China shows substantial reduction in GI cancers and some others.
Here’s the quote from the authors:
The findings demonstrate that the long-term use of aspirin can reduce the risk of developing many major cancers […] What should be noted is the significance of the results for cancers within the digestive tract, where the reductions in cancer incidence were all very substantial, especially for liver and esophageal cancer.”

For those wha can’t take aspirin, similar results were obtained with Non=steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.



Very large study that’s worth a few minutes of your time. One caveat, however: as I’ve watch the medical literature over time I’ve see weakening or elimination of epidemiological data. This is problematic as  recommendation require significant lifestyle changes.

See article at

Brain fog: Causes and how to cope

Read the article if you’re interested in the details about medical illness producing this problem or see:

Lifestyle causes

Brain fog can often be the result of lifestyle factors that affect how well the brain functions. Modern life and a busy calendar can mean that the brain may not get enough rest to function at its best.

Causes of brain fog that relate to someone’s lifestyle include:

  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • diet
  • low energy from physical inactivity

If constant stress and difficulty sleeping are affecting someone’s memory and concentration, making some lifestyle changes can help overcome these problems.

Changes to diet and exercise can also increase a person’s energy levels and improve mental focus.


What’s This All About?

This is a brand new blog for me. I’ve been blogging for several years, and I hope this new blog will serve me and my reader best. Initially, my blog was designed to promote my work, but over the years the blog has become at least 90% medical news and a small % about my work: new novels, promotions, Audible productions etc.

In the course of writing, a large percent of which was medical fiction, I regularly reviewed the medical news and found items that interested me, and would likely interest others as well. Medical news is exhaustive and one benefit of being a physician is the ability to recognize news that’s significant. These item I share with readers of my blog.